Construction Update – April 17, 2023

Over the last week, Wohlsen Construction has been working on the following projects at Chestnut Ridge at Rodale:

Work Accomplished This Week:

Building A

Began vestibule framing
▪ Began Juliet balcony railing install in courtyard
▪ Began carpet in 3ʳᵈ floor units
▪ Began finishing the drywall in the pool area
▪ Continued exterior perimeter EIFS North elevation
▪ Continued elevator retrofit work in elevator 2
▪ Continued shower doors in 3ʳᵈ floor units
▪ Continued VCT in resident storage rooms
▪ Continued unit casework on 2ⁿᵈ floor
▪ Continued LVT in 2ⁿᵈ floor units
▪ Continued installing light fixtures & GRD’s on 2nd floor
▪ Continued priming amenity spaces
▪ Continued ceramic wall tile installation on 1ˢᵗ floor units
▪ Continued ceiling grid in kitchen & bistro
▪ Continued ceramic tile in 1ˢᵗ floor common bathrooms

Building B

▪ Began 4N & 4W unit carpet install
▪ Began cabinet install in 1ˢᵗ floor units
▪ Began wood trim in 1ˢᵗ floor units
▪ Continued stone veneer on the north entrance elevation
▪ Continued balcony railings
▪ Continued caulking exterior windows and patio doors
▪ Continued installing wire shelving in east wing units
▪ Continued LVT flooring in 4N & 4W units
▪ Continued kitchen countertops
▪ Completed east wing unit carpet install
▪ Completed setting unit furnaces on 1ˢᵗ floor


▪ Continued carport framing in the south parking area
▪ Completed carport framing on the east parking area

Here are pictures of the construction that took place over the last week:

*Photos courtesy of Wohlsen Construction.