Construction Update – December 29, 2022

Over the last week, Wohlsen Construction has been working on the following projects at Chestnut Ridge at Rodale:

Work Accomplished This Week:

Building A

▪ Began installing prehung doors on 2nd floor
▪ Began installing commercial kitchen hoods
▪ Continued layout and framing of amenity spaces on 1st floor
▪ Continued wood trim installation on 3rd-floor units
▪ Continued exterior perimeter window replacement work
▪ Continued finishing drywall on the 2nd Floor
▪ Continued hanging fan coil duct on 1st Floor
▪ Continued sprinkler rough-in work on 1st Floor units
▪ Continued balcony framing on the west side
▪ Casework delivered for 3rd floor units
▪ Continued pulling feeder wires

Building B

▪ Began finishing drywall 2E
▪ Began installing prehung doors on 2E
▪ Began 3N & 3E interior in wall insulation
▪ Continued sprinkler rough-in on 3N & 3W
▪ Continued MEP ceiling devices rough in on 3N & 3W
▪ Continued HVAC & electrical rough-in work on 2N & 2W
▪ Continued fire lid on 1N & 1W
▪ Continued balcony door install
▪ Continued amphitheater retaining wall
▪ Continued EIFS, fiber cement on North and West elevations
▪ Continued stone veneer installation on the East wing

Here are pictures of the construction that took place over the last week:

*Photos courtesy of Wohlsen Construction.