Construction Update – September 26, 2022

Over the last week, Wohlsen Construction has been working on the following projects at Chestnut Ridge at Rodale:

Building A:

▪ Continued MEP rough-in work on floors 1-3
▪ Continued excavating pool area
▪ Continued ceiling framing on 2ⁿᵈ floor
▪ Continued spray fireproofing touch up
▪ Continued site concrete curb layout
▪ Began Aquaflash on perimeter windows
▪ Continued roof overlay
▪ Began unit 302N

Building B:

▪ Completed roof on East wing
▪ Continue electrical rough-in 2E
▪ Continued EIFS installation on East wing
▪ Continued sprinkler rough-in on 4E
▪ Continued hanging and finishing drywall on 4E
▪ Completed West wing roof framing
▪ Begin 4E shower pan installation

Here are pictures of the construction that took place over the last week:

*Photos courtesy of Wohlsen Construction.